Sunday, 9 September 2012

Summer Paradise

the absolute silence, except for the chirping of those birds up, up in the skies.
the fresh green grass, washed after the first September rain.
the golden rays on my face.

the hundred days of summer are slowly coming to an end. Isn't it kinda sad? Isn't it kinda romantic at the same time? the feeling of walking silently around the fields, admiring the island's beauty...and then, that slight breeze lingers through your back...and you try and warm yourself with that tiny blue cardigan you're wearing...and you suddenly realise with a sigh...autumn is just a few days away...

We chilled. It has been one great summer. I mean, looking back, every summer has a story to narrate. And it's never ever the same. This year's it was kinda unique as well. Thinking I was gonna be trapped at home, waking up bored, dreaming as if I'm never awake...but God's always beside us, and when an opportunity showed up, I grabbed it. I can narrate infinite stories of the new friendships born, new jobs learnt, new experiences gained...

It's time to blow the candles and listen to the sweet music, singing so delicately to my ears... how was your Summer?

joss x